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  • excellent doctor
  • I cannot thank Mr Atalla enough for his care during my second complicated pregnancy and delivery. I was inspired by Mr Atalla’s dedication to patient care during my GP training. I then experienced this care personally as a patient during my daughter’s pregnancy. If it wasn’t for Mr Atalla’s sharp clinical sense, my pregnancy may not have continued. He noticed during a casual conversation at work that my baby bump size was not appropriate to my stage of pregnancy. He immediately arranged an ultrasound scan that confirmed his suspicions. He then arranged the necessary monitoring and follow up until my daughter was safely delivered. Our family is immensely grateful to Mr Atalla for all his care.
    Attachement Doctor Doctor
  • When I met Dr. Atalla in 2007, I already had 7 unexplained early miscarriages that happend during the first 8 weeks of pregnancy, over 12 years of my marriage. One of the biggest recurrent miscarriags clinics in London advised me that my chances for having a baby are virtually zero, and recommended to consider other options such as adoption. Dr. Atalla restored my confidence and gave me back hope to have a baby after visiting his clinic and seeing photos of successful cases of recurrent miscarriages. Dr. Atalla was very patient and dedicated and offered me a lot of support and was always available on the phone if I needed to call him to ask about anything which worried me. Dr. Atalla put me on a treatment for 6 months and asked me to try one more time to have a baby. I got pregnant in 2008 and at the eighth week of my pregnancy, Mr. Atalla did an ultra-sound for me and I could not stop my tears of joy when he told me that the baby was alive. Dr. Atalla continued to follow-up my pregnancy and I gave birth of my daughter Marianne by a c-section that Dr. Atalla did himself in Dec. 2008. On the same day, She magazine came to my hospital room asking for permission to publish my attached story. However, the story did not end here, as Dr. Atalla helped me to give birth of my second daughter Marina in Sep. 2012. No words can express my deep thanks to Dr. Atalla for all his care and for all what he did for my family. Thank you Dr. Rami Atalla.
    Attachement Therese Zaki Credit Controller